Update April 2020


When you browse any of our websites, we may store a cookie on your computer which identifies certain information that you or your computer has provided to our website. We do this to personalise your experience with us. When you browse any of our websites, we may record your computer's IP address which may identify when you repeatedly access content from our website. We do this to provide an enhanced browsing experience for you and to prepare anonymous, collective statistics about the behaviour of visitors on our websites.

During the general use (Browsing, bookmarking, sharing) of our products no personal data is collected, only transactional data (Timestamp and content interaction) is recorded and reported to the content owner.
When you give us your private information (via an online/offline form, competition entry), we retain this information and take measures to protect that information from unauthorised use. We do not pass on your private information to other parties unless a) you give us your permission, b) we are required by law to do so, or c) you used the other party to generate your content with us, as with a referring partner website. We use your private information to contact you in the normal course of maintaining a business relationship with you; including sending you correspondence (such as a newsletter or product information) that we believe may interest you. If you do not wish to receive correspondence from us, or you believe our business relationship has ended, please advise us so we may remove your private information from our records.


All collected contact details during the use of our Digital Check-in service is for the sole use to contact the client in the event risk has been presented. Contact details collected will not be used for any promotional purposes or provided to third parties.  In the event, a confirmed risk has been presented; all collected contact details for parties deemed at risk by health authorities will be contacted on all contact details supplied whilst completing check-in (Mobile and Email).   If no contact details are provided; the residence/office listed during the visit will be responsible for notifying uncontactable visitors.    

You may request a copy of the private information which we hold about you by emailing admin@wintersedgenetworks.com   You may request that we update the private information which we hold about you by emailing update@wintersedgenetworks.com.   

Please call 07 5353 5177 with any questions.