Really easy to use!

Create a live web-page with the simple to use drag and drop system.

 All pages include a linked QR codes available to scan and view content immediately! Only basic compute skills required!

Straight to their screen!

Forget about printing and handing out flyers!

Get your content onto the screen of the public allowing them to view and interact!

Real time Data

Watch the public interact with your QR code in real time, and even tweak your offer on the fly to keep it current and fresh!

One Code Scheduled

Need to drive business to a certain time of day? Schedule unique offers to only display at the times your business needs the boost!

Direct to Social Media

No need to search for your business when you have a QR code, include direct links to all your social media pages to encourage your clients to like/follow/share!

Zero Waste

Skip a step, forget the printing and provide your offers direct to screen!

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85% of the population own and have a smartphone on them while in public!

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