CoolSpots Holo-Displays

Remember the cool technologies we used to see in those futuristic movies? Some if it is real and actually exists with today's technologies!! 

Plus it is cool, economical and a superior experience!

Holographic displays are real, and they are thing to be seen in person to get the full effect!

5 Reasons why CoolSpots Holo-Displays?

  1. They have the WOW Factor with 3D Amazing visuals.
  2. Uses less power than a Flat screen display while standing out more!
  3. 100% paperless public marketing with real time updating.
  4. Linked simple QR Code scan to view current interactive content.
  5. Dynamic Interactive content, provide schedule offers, real time reporting, CoolSpots helps you get to know and understand your marketing impact.

Onsite presentations are available for South East QLD and the Mackay Region. Other areas are encouraged to make contact to register interest.

Host sites with high foot traffic are required, Corporate sponsor packages are available.