Service offerings

System Set up and Training - $35ex per display

Our team provide a turn key solution to configure and install devices with training for your staff. 

Image Gallery and up to 10 interactive content pages included.

Please Note- Price does not include supply a Google Chromecast, client is to supply a Google Chromecast per display.

Monthly Management, Maintenance and reporting - $100ex/ Month Per Site

Keeping content up to date and current is crucial to ensure the service is trusted by your guests. 

Our Team monitor and report monthly on your guests usage of the service and also include a complimentary update to content monthly. 

Scheduling and Additional Updates - $25ex GST each

Take your system to the next level by scheduling content for special events etc. All Scheduled content is pre-programmed to display during a set period and will revert to the default once the time period has lapsed.

All Scheduled campaigns include a report upon completion.

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