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Winters Edge Networks

Brothers Joel (pictured) and Kyle Winters founded the company in October 2017. 100% Queensland Family owned and run, the brothers both share the same passion for technology and a desire to encourage the use of technology to benefit the community and the environment.

Older brother Joel has been in the commercial technology industry for over a decade, specialising in networking and cloud applications. Younger brother Kyle yields extensive experience in the retail IT industry and account management. Joel's sons Jacob and Connor (pictured) as well as the youngest brother Seth also have a passion for technology and assist in the business regularly.

The aim of the company is to enable the use of now standard smartphone technologies to benefit all. Quick Response (QR) technology is not new, the technology was created for the Toyota Manufacturing Department in 1994, and has been widely adopted in many overseas countries. Australia has been slow to adopt the technology, partially due to the fact that an application download was required and most were advertisement based. Although in 2018 major smartphone companies (Apple, Samsung and even Google) started including QR scanning as a standard feature on their smartphones. Now almost everyone has a QR scanner in their pocket.

MyBiz Coupon Promo is Winters Edge Networks owned and proprietary software used for the creation of their Dynamic QR Codes, hosting and reporting; and is the platform which CoolSpots and Snap Info are built and managed on. The server and all data is located in Mackay, Queensland.

Founder and Director Joel, with his two sons Connor (Left) Jacob (Right)

Founder and Director Joel, with his two sons Connor (Left) Jacob (Right)


Dr Ash Auto

Since Dr Ash's Automotive and Dealership moved from a regular business setup to a QR code based set up with Winters Edge Networks we have seen many changes in the right direction.

Overall it has made our business easy for our customers and their contacts to get in touch with us. A simple scan of our Branded QR Code presents with viewer with our branded content page with options to call, email enquiry, visit social media, Current listings/offers and even get personalised directions to our location. We were so impressed with our QR content page we use it for our website www.drashauto.com

We also had the team at Winters Edge Networks, create and maintain a "Car Health Log", which is included on our QR code content page. The car health log consists of 5 quick questions that our customers answer each time they fill up to monitor fuel usage and highlight any issues before causing any major issues. The data collected in the car Health Log assists us in providing the best customer service for our clients.

We use our Dr Ash Auto QR Code on our windscreen service stickers, printed marketing and on our business cards, the reporting provided by Winters Edge Networks is easy to understand and useful.

Overall we saw an instant increase in our customer engagement and it is continuing to help our business achieve our targets.

The Dr (Ashvind)

Dr Ash Auto


Dr Ash Auto - Branded QR Code - scan to view

Dr Ash Auto - Branded QR Code - scan to view